Web-TAAS (Testing As A Service)

Techsage Web RAFT (Reusable Automation Framework for Testing) Phases of TaaS

We are in an age where technology has become backbone of society. Technology is being used by everyone these days, it is used by kids, teenagers, house wife's, professionals, client's, employees and elderly.
This is the reason that digital technology is becoming a commodity. This everyday use and dependency on technology is set to increase in near future as advances in technology opens new horizons for everyone. Due to this the tolerance of acceptance towards it has dropped to Zero percent.
If you have an application then it must be 100% functional and it has to perform. If it doesn't perform and fulfills user expectation then it's not going to survive in these competitive times.
If the user is not left delightful after using your application he will not use it again. Thus the golden rule is to be sure that your application performs well, it is bug free, it is fast and the user is delightful after using it and user experience is superb. To help companies in achieving this goal, we at Techsage have built an exhaustive framework for Web Application Test automation called Web-RAFT (Reusable Automation Framework for Testing).
This framework is offered to our client’s projects under TAAS agreement. The client projects are automated using Web-RAFT under Web-TAAS contract and the client gets the Web-RAFT for free. Licenses are free and for internal use only.

Following diagram gives you brief idea about TechSage automation approach.

Web-RAFT is implemented under Web-TAAS license.

Test automation helps reduce manual testing and accelerates regression testing. We help you design and implement an automated testing strategy for your organization and ensure that there is an operational plan in place to maintain it. TechSage Web-RAFT framework methodology is conditioned to help clients make optimum use of resources and exploit best practices and the finest tools to plan test automation. Our automation specialists have expertise and experience in delivering evergreen and tester friendly automation solutions for unit testing, functional testing, and Web automation testing using commercial and open source test automation tools.

Key Benefits

  • Define most efficient web strategies and goals.
  • We’re testing applications in all major browsers like Internet explorer, chrome, Firefox, safari.
  • Delivering the best
  • Reduce application testing cost and accelerate time to market.
  • Improve end-user experience of web applications.
  • Improve quality of applications by providing more robust coverage.
  • Test more within budget and help meet product deadline.

Mobile testing as a Service (known as Mobile TaaS) provides on-demand testing services for mobile applications and SaaS to support software validation and quality engineering processes by leveraging a cloud-based scalable mobile testing environment to assure pre-defined given service-level-agreements(SLAs). More about Mobile TaaS

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