About Us

Who are we

We are a IT services providing company. We have specializations in field of Software testing, Web Application Development and IT Consultancy.


Our mission is to be market leader in providing Innovative Business services and solutions.

Principles and Values

Client Focused

At Techsage we are continuously looking for better ways to provide best quality service to our partners. By close monitoring our processes, teams, projects and communication, we ensure to bring user satisfaction.
Our focus includes:

  • Superior communication
  • The right personnel are working on the assignments.
  • Delivering the best
  • Finding opportunities to expand the business
  • Inviting clients to our in-house office meetings & project sites.
  • looking for client business growth & Informing him about his business growth prospects.
  • helping out to the maximum.


We are always open and interested in innovations.
Whether it be Project management, Product development methodologies,test Coordinations, Process improvement or Service delivery methods. We never hesitate in learning and experimenting new innovative ideas.
As new graduates are continuous pool of people who do internships at our company, but we are always open for learning and implementing the new fresh ideas these young talented people bring with them. Thinking out of the box attitude is supported to the fullest in our company.


We are always interested in knowing what you think and expect from us. If you have something you think is beneficial for both of us , then we are always waiting for you.

Social Responsibility

We believe that every person and company must bear a social commitment towards betterment of the lives of others. Shutting your eyes and ears too
We try to behave ethically and contribute to economic development while improving the quality of life of the workforce and their families as well as the local community and society at large.
We hope in future our acts will also contribute towards the betterment of society.

Our Expertize

Our professionals are experts in field of web-application development and web & mobile application testing

Web Development

We're specialized with Java & .net development. We also provide the best training for students in web development More

Testing as a Service

TaaS or Software Testing as a Service is an outsourcing model, in which testing activities are outsourced to a third party that specializes in simulating real world testing environments as per client requirements.

Test on Cloud

As mobile industries growth rapidly, current market has 1000+ mobile devices and you must ensure that your application run in any customer environment. Our QA team will test your applications in any environment you prefer.