IoT API LAB (Testing As A Service)

Techsage IoT IAFT (Interconnected Automation Framework for Testing) Phases of TaaS

In the digital world of IOT, the systems are Smart and connected ecosystems with numerous types of interconnected or standalone sensors and devices using and generating large volumes of diverse types of data with immense technical complexity.
This chain of connected applications and hardware must work flawlessly from start to end. Users are not interested in knowing where your system failed, which service crashed, which device/sensor hanged or which data computation was missed. All they need to know is whether your system works or not. The companies that focus on quality will ultimately be the brands that will win. as there is no space for under performers in this digital age.
In techsage IOT - TAAS, we ensure that your systems remain top performer. We provide complete services starting from helping in the preparation of these IOT digital systems to perform as expected, making them Ready to function in an ever changing digital age.

Some of the tasks involved in IoT API LAB are:

  • Review Requirements & Design Specifications.
  • Review API security mechanism. Reviewing the API requirements and checking happy and unhappy scenarios for web and embedded API's.
  • Test planning & strategy.
  • Trustworthiness scope and coverage.

  • Building environment to test IoT systems. Test lab setup with hardware devices, communication links, servers & software’s.
  • Develop & implement Interconnected Automation framework for Testing and simulators.
  • Data simulation & Load generation simulating big data from the things. Testing hardware, software and computed massive huge amounts of generated data. Autonomous systems software scenarios
  • API/Service virtualization.
  • Firmware testing.
  • Component Functional testing.
  • Conformance with standards of device and communication protocols. Functional tests on different devices, different networks, Backend computing tests, DB consistency checks, front end validation web/mobile app, connectivity tests,

  • Hardware device testing.
  • API/Service integration tests
  • System stability verification scenarios. Exploratory tests on system level from a user’s perspective and beyond.
  • Performance and load tests.
  • Security tests including scenarios covering the following aspects:

  • Insecure Web
    Data protection and encryption.
    Insufficient Authentication
    Automated Hack attack scenario
    Insecure Network
    Lack of Transport
    Privacy Concerns Insecure Cloud Interface
    Insecure Mobile
    Insufficient Security Configurability
    Insecure Software
    Poor Physical Security

  • Test reporting.
  • Helping in achieving the industry safety standards like:

  • Safety Standards
    IEC61508: Functional Safety of Electrical/Electronic/Programmable Electronic Safety related Systems.
    DO178: Software considerations in airborne systems and equipment certification
    EN50128: Software for railway control and protection systems.
    IEC60880: Software aspects for computer-based systems performing category A functions.
    IEC62304: Medical device software -- Software life cycle processes.
    ISO26262: Road vehicles – Functional safety.