Oracle - DBA 10G, 11G & 12C

Techsage provides the excellence training for Oracle-DBA. Our trainers are oracle certified professionals and handling real time Oracle projects. The importance of Oracle DBA training is increasing in the market as well as the opportunities are also vast. Oracle DBA converts all IT solutions like storage, middleware and Operating System by obtaining leading technology. It provides very unique solutions to the customers.

Database Administrators (DBAs) is responsible for designing, support and implementation, maintenance of computerized databases in today’s organizations.


  • Ensures Credibility and reliability in the market
  • Better knowledge and understanding of technology stack
  • You can do testing against some standards
  • Better communications network with developers
  • High earnings

After learning Introduction to SQL section of this course, the learners will be able to:

  • Understand the features and basic concepts of relational databases.
  • Use data manipulation statements for performing various operations such as sorting, modifying, and retrieving data.
  • Customize output using single-row functions, conversion functions and conditional expressions.
  • Consolidate and display data from multiple tables using Joins and Group functions.
  • Use data definition language to create and manage tables.
  • Manage schema objects and control database access to specific objects.
  • Create indexes and constraints; and use regular expression.
  • Perform data management in different time zones.

On the completion of Administration Workshop I section of this course, the students will be able to:

  • Understand Oracle database architecture.
  • Install Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle database software.
  • Configure Oracle Network Environment using Enterprise Manager.
  • Create and manage database, storage structures, and users.
  • Manage data manipulation and data concurrency.
  • Implementing Oracle Database Auditing.
  • Perform backup and recovery of the database

By undergoing the Administration Workshop II section of the training, participants will be able to

  • Understand backup and recoverability and use Recovery manager (RMAN) to perform it.
  • Use flashback technology to diagnose and repair data failures.
  • Perform memory management operations to use available space in optimized way and create room for growing requirements.
  • Identify and tune poorly performing SQL and database session by using SQL Tuning Advisor
  • Monitor and manage performance and resources.
  • Automate DBA tasks with the scheduler.
  • Clone a database and carry all operations on it for optimal use

Target audience

  • PL/SQL Developer
  • Forms Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Support Engineer
  • Database administrator
  • Technical Administrator
  • Data Warehouse Administrator

Course Content - Oracle DBA

  • Oracle Database 11G Architecture - More
  • Software and Database Installation - More
  • Oracle Database 11G Init Parameters - More
  • Oracle Database 11G Tablespace Management - More
  • Oracle Database 11G Redo Management, Management of Database Segments - More
  • Oracle Database 11G Reorg, Users, Roles , Profiles , Privileges - More
  • Oracle Database 11G*Net configuration - More
  • Oracle Database 11G Backup & Recovery - More
  • Oracle Database 11G Backup and Recovery management using RMAN - More
  • Oracle Database 11G DBA Utilities - More
  • Oracle Cloning Of Oracle Database - More
  • Performance Management: Understand Problem , Check OS and Automated Reports - More
  • Oracle Performance Management: Tuning the Oracle Database 11G Instance - More
  • Database 11G Performance Management: DBMS_STATS, Detect Fragmentation , SQL Tuning - More
  • Oracle Database 11G Maintenance & Job Scheduling and Processes - More

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