HP Unified Functional Testing Training

What is HP UFT™

HP-QTP/UFT tool is used to perform the functional automation regression testing of Web based application; Window based application, Mobile application, Database testing, Web Services, Mainframe (TE) applications and Unix/Linux log verification using putty.

Latest version of HP-QTP (Quick Test Professional) is known as HP-UFT (Unified Functional Tester). After this training, you will be able to clear the QTP certification exam (HP0-M47).

As a part of Techsage our goal is to implement the real time automation testing life cycle during our training that is why we will not include Mercury Flight Reservation application as a part of training because this application is designed as per the QTP guidelines but real time applications are not designed as per the HP-QTP/UFT guidelines those are not designed as per the client so those are having more complex scenario.

HP-QTP/UFT tool will design the Automation Script by using the QTP provided features & VB Script.

Our HP-QTP/UFT Training process will have the below process:

  • Design POC (Proof of Concept): This process is used to ensure the automation feasibility of the client application.
  • Convert Manual Test Case into Automation Test Case using VB Script.
  • Design Automation Testing Framework (Keyword Driven, Data Driven & Hybrid Framework) as per the client requirement or application behavior.
  • Integrate HP-QTP/UFT with HP-QC/ALM.
  • Create Test Suite/Test Batch and execute the same.
  • Analyze the Automation Test Result.
  • Report reporting for failures.
  • Update the Automation Script as per the Change Request (if any)

QTP Professional BASIC QTPv11.0

  • Practical implementation of QTP Tool using VB Script.

QTP Professional ADVANCED QTPv11.0

We will address the Real Time Issues/Scenario to understand the Industrial Implementation of Automation Project.

  • Overview of Automation testing
  • Object is not Identified by the QTP.
  • Integration of QTP with Third Party Tools/Controls.
  • Handling of Dynamic Objects.
  • Working with DLL, INI & XML files.
  • Objects Identification Mechanism by QTP
  • AVB Script Error Handling
  • Descriptive Programming (By String Arguments & Creating the Objects)
  • Tune QuickTest Professional to work with AUT (Application under Test)
  • Embed HTML in QTP Test Result
  • Design & Implement Keyword Driven Framework, Data Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, XML Framework & Jason Framework etc.
  • Mapping “Custom Test Object” Class to “Pre-Defined QTP Test Object” Class

Test Automation Expert Techniques(General Test Automation Techniques)

  • Document Object Model DOM
  • .NET Factory
  • Advance Implementation of VB Script
  • Automation of Mouse Oriented Events.
  • Automation of Keyboard Oriented Events
  • Windows Shell Scripting using WSH.
  • Working with Windows Registry
  • Real Time Test Automaton = (QTP+AUT+Test Environment)
  • Windows Management and Instrument (WMI)
  • Working with DOS Command Line.

Additional Advance QTP/UFT Coverage

  • Implementation of Automation Testing using Agile Methodology
  • Rally Tool
  • Database Testing using QTP/UFT.
  • Unix Log Verification using QTP/UFT
  • Mobile Application Testing using QTP/UFT
  • Web Services Testing using QTP/UFT.

Object Models in QTP/UFT

  • Test Object Model (TOM)
  • Component Object Model (COM)
  • Automation Object Model (AOM).
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Automation Testing Approach using QTP/UFT.
  • QTP/QC (ALM) Connectivity.
  • Test Automation Framework Design & Development.
  • Proof Of Concept – POC & Automation Test Catalogue Design.
  • HP QTPv11.0 Certification (HP0-M47) Training. (We will provide Certification Test Papers & Dumps)
  • End to End Implementation of Automation Testing Project.
  • Resume Design & Conduct Interview.

* Candidates will start coding in QTP using VB Script from very FIRST TRAINING SESSION.

Course Content - QTP/UFT 12.0 Training

    UFT/QTP (QuickTest Professional) Basic

  • Overview of Automation Testing - More
  • Automation Basics - More
  • Object Repository - More
  • Object Spy - More
  • VB Script Basics More
  • Parameterization - More
  • QTP Checkpoint - More
  • Output Values - More

  • Objects Identification Mechanism by QTP

  • Actions - More
  • Object Model - More
  • Advanced Concepts about Synchronization - More
  • QTP Settings - More
  • Recovery Scenario & Error Handling - More
  • QTP & QC Connectivity
  • Database Connectivity
  • Handling of Dynamic Objects - More
  • FSO (File System Object) - More
  • QTP Advance Topics - More
  • Basic overview of Automation Test Framework - More
  • Live implementation of Test Automation Project. - More

  • UFT/QTP (QuickTest Professional) Advance

  • Automation Testing - More
  • Object Model - More
  • Object Spy - More
  • Parameterization - More
  • Introduction to Function Generator & Step Generator
  • Business Components - More
  • Advanced Concepts about Synchronization - More
  • Descriptive Programming - More
  • Smart Identification Mechanism
  • Debugging of QTP Script - More
  • Overview of Test Setting & Options Dialog Box
  • Introduction to Reserved Objects provided by QTP to make the script more generic
  • Advance Concept about Regular Expression
  • Handling of Dynamic Objects - More
  • Concept of Virtual Object - More
  • Database Connectivity - More
  • Component Object Model (COM) - More
  • File System Object – FSO - More
  • Difference between Test Object & Real Object
  • Windows Shell Scripting using WSH - More
  • Some QTP Advance Concepts - More
  • Customization of QTP Results - More
  • Functional Automation Test Feasible Analysis
  • Running Micro using QTP
  • Design & Development Automation Test Catalogue
  • Import QTP setting on run time using Configuration file
  • Some Advanced Technique to Identify the Objects like: - More
  • Working with Windows Registry - More
  • Using .cmd file to run the QTP automatically from Windows Command Prompt
  • Code Review and Optimization Techniques used in QTP
  • Extern Object to access the Win32 windows library functions
  • Custom Web Event Recording Configuration
  • How to Handle Third Party controls
  • Working with Adobe Flex Application
  • Working with Mainframe (TE)
  • Embedding HTML into Email
  • Object Linking & Embedding (OLE)
  • Windows Management and Instrument (WMI) - More
  • Implementation of Quality Center Object Model
  • Implementation of ‘IE Developer Tool Bar’
  • Implementation of Classes in QTP (Object Oriented Approach-OOPS).
  • DLL Files - More
  • Implementation of Dot Net Factory
  • Working with DOS Command Line - More
  • Mapping “Custom Test Object” Class to “Pre-Defined QTP Test Object” Class
  • Implementation of Dot Net Factory
  • Test Automation Framework - More
  • Working with ‘Next Generation Automation Test Framework’Document
  • Implementation of Live Automation Test Project

  • ALM/QC (Quality Center) Advance

  • Integration of QTP & Quality Center
  • Integrate Test Automation Framework with Quality Center
  • Save Automation Test with Quality Center
  • Run Automation Test with Quality Center
  • Save Results with Quality Center

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