Automation Training

Coded UI/VSTS Training

VSTS Coded UI Tool is used to perform the functional automation regression testing of Web based application; Window based application, Mobile application, Database testing, Web Services, Mainframe (TE) applications.

After this training, you will be able to clear the certification exam for VSTS.
As a part of Techsage, our goal is to implement the real time automation testing life cycle during our training. We use industrial live projects to create scripts and framework.

Our VSTS Coded UI Training process will have the below process:

  • Design POC (Proof of Concept): This process is used to ensure the automation feasibility of the client application.
  • Convert Manual Test Case into Automation Test Case using C#
  • Design Automation Testing Framework as per the client requirement or application behavior.
  • Cross Browser Playback.
  • Create Test Suite/Test Batch and execute the same.
  • Analyze the Automation Test Result.
  • Report reporting for failures.
  • Coded UI architecture
  • Update the Automation Script as per the Change Request.

Course Content - Coded UI/VSTS

  • Introduction to Automation Testing - More
  • Introduction to C# - More
  • Get Started With Visual Studio - More
  • Introduction to VSTS Coded UI - More
  • Hand Coding Fundamentals / Descriptive Programming - More
  • Troubleshooting playback failures - More
  • Synchronization and Playback settings - More
  • Debugging Automation Tests - More
  • Working With Different Application Platforms - More
  • Driven Testing - More
  • Automation Framework - More
  • Cross Browser Playback - More
  • Test Controllers and Test Agents - More
  • Result Reporting - More
  • Coded UI architecture - More
  • Team Foundation Server - More
  • Different Modes of your Test Execution - More

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