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Techsage is leaders in training & placement provide the most reliable for Database Testing Training. The data comparison is a difficult task to achieve with accurate quality. For Database Testing you need to have knowledge of Manual-Testing. Database Testing is one of the critical test requirements in back-end testing. Testing data residing in database requires specific skill set to test properly. This course wills aids database testers to gain knowledge about Database Testing concepts.
We have a highly technical trainers associated with top level companies. We are specialized in providing best in class training and hands on experience.
Computer applications are more complex these days with new technologies. The more complex the front ends, the back ends are even more difficult. So it is all the more important to learn about Database testing and be able to validate the databases effectively to ensure secure and quality databases.

Advantages of Database Testing:

  • Avoid data duplication
  • Control data security
  • Reduces cost of data entry, storage, and retrieval
  • Data can changed easily
  • Facilitate development of new applications program
  • Ensures Data integrity and accuracy

Database testing involved during different types of testing methods, such as black box testing and white box testing

Black Box Testing in Database Testing:

Black box testing involves testing interfaces and the integration of the database, which includes:

  • Mapping of data
  • Verifying incoming data and outgoing data from query functions
  • UI and DB integration is now available; we can insert/delete/update data from the front end in a way that the trigger gets invoked. That select statements can be used to retrieve the DB data to see if the trigger was successful in performing the intended operation.
  • Various techniques can be used to perform database testing
  • Cause Effect Graphing Technique
  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Boundary-value analysis

White Box Testing in Database Testing:

White box testing mainly deals with the internal structure of the database. The specification details are hidden from the user:

  • It involves the testing of database triggers and logical views which are going to support database refactoring.
  • It performs module testing of database functions, triggers, views, SQL queries etc.
  • It validates database tables, data models, database schema etc.
  • It selects default table values to check on database consistency and Referential integrity
  • The techniques used in white box testing are condition coverage, decision coverage, statement coverage, cyclomatic complexity

Course Content - Database Training

  • Module 1: Database Concepts - More
  • Module 2: Basic SQL (Structured Query Language) - More
  • Module 3: SQL Functions - More
  • Module 4: General Functions - More
  • Module 5: Joining Tables - More
  • Module 6: Operators (Data using Group Function) - More
  • Module 7: Database Objects (Constraints & Views) - More
  • Module 8: Structural & Functional Database Testing using TOAD Tool - More

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