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Specialize in providing customized innovative testing solutions More about TaaS

Specialized Work

We have experience in both manual and automated testing. We offer Onsite/ Offsite test consultancy. You can reach us for Test consultancy, Test setup implementations, running project/product test, converting manual tests into automated tests, temporary/permanent test labs.

What We Do

Our professionals are experts in field of web-application development and web & mobile application testing

Web Development

We're specialized with Java & .net development. We also provide the best training for students in web development More

Testing as a Service

TaaS or Software Testing as a Service is an outsourcing model, in which testing activities are outsourced to a third party that specializes in simulating real world testing environments as per client requirements.

Test on Cloud

As mobile industries growth rapidly, current market has 1000+ mobile devices and you must ensure that your application run in any customer environment. Our QA team will test your applications in any environment you prefer.

Business Partners

We also share a very good relationship with industry leaders like IBM, HP, Windows Here you can find some of the companies and their products that we use extensively for achieving optimal solution to our customers needs

We're Hiring

We are continuously on the lookout for talented individuals to join a startup like us where systems are minimal, management is dynamic (or you can say flexible), ideas are appreciated (and not choked down) and overall it is a fun place to work with.